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August 15th – 22nd; 2014 I will be returning to the Moose Mountain art colony. I look forward to  seeing my artist friends there in this my third year. I also hope to see some returning students and area art guild members. I am planning to display my series of oil paintings created during my 2013 / 2014 CARFAC.sk.ca mentorship program. In it I explore retirement phase of an artists life in contrast to those retiring in a corporate sense.  In particular I am focusing on the over 65 prominent Sask. female artist, their work and life lessons that their experience has exemplified. Each serve as blue  print for future artists who follow.

Private Lessons
This is your opportunity for one on one help with particular challenges you may have been facing with your art. You may schedule lesson time with Nikki by calling the number below. Hourly rates apply. Please bring your own materials for these lessons in graphite, watercolour, ink or acrylic. Study a topic of your choosing such as portraiture, impressionism, sketchbook techniques, mixed media methods or come and discuss art marketing techniques.

Preregister by calling Nikki at 1-877-335-7655 toll free or email artist@nikkisportraits.com.

Nikki Jacquin 2014 poster