Documenting the Cathedral Village Arts Festival in Oil / Acrylic & Ink – Day 6 Contest


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Pat Sterzuk and I sketching en plein air in Cuba during my Mid Winter Cuban Salsa Dance & Paint Group Excursion 2017. Join me for my 3rd trip to Cuba Feb. 1 – 15th, 2018 – photo credit Stuart Anderson

Saturday, May 27th is the last day to be a part of a truly unique blend of music, visual art, writing and dance as the neighours of the Cathedral Village area of Regina invite all to come out and see what they are all about! It is a feast for all the senses!

This Past Thur. night

I took in the Literary Night at the Artesian where it was a treat as an adult to be read to. It reminded me of my days reading “The Secret Garden” and “Stormy Misty’s Foul” to my four children. I chose this event because my friend and fellow mentee of the mentorship program, Miriam Korner was reading from her book ‘Yellow Dog” the adventures of a sled dog. I was very excited for her to see and hear what all her hard work had produced for her. She also had a picture book of some of her artwork for children. Both books focused on her experiences living in northern Saskatchewan with her family, running sled dogs and a B&B. It was all quite the change for her as a newcomer from  Germany.

My ink sketch of Miriam Kormer inspired from her reading of her book “Yellow Dog”. Note: it was very dark in the Artesian and I was sitting way at the very back.

After Miriam, Judith Silverthorne read from her book “Convictions” another book for young adults about women prison ships that used to sale between Australia and Europe. It sounds like quite the gripping thriller.

My ink sketch inspired by Judith Silverstone’s reading of her book “Convictions” as read at the Cathedral Village Arts Festival 2017. I didn’t quite get my female prisoner behind bars before Wonderlust, a compilation of works by 7 writers was read by the authors and accompanied by music by Rich Ernsby.

Tonight I will not be able to make it to any events but I hope you go and enjoy a few of the events and let me know how it was. You can view the full schedule at I am scheduled to paint plein air and sketch some more on Saturday at Funville at Holy Rosary Park in Regina and at the Arts Festival as a busker : ) I have been involved with the event as an exhibitor in past years but trying it from a new perspective this year!


a painting created this week by joining the event at Http://  or by emailing me from my site at ! The winner will be announced on Sunday, May 28th, 2017 at 2 pm CST on social media. Be sure to confirm your win before midnight CST on that date please!

My schedule for Saturday

10 – 11 am I will be at Spot F busking / painting live at the corner of 13th Ave. & Angus Street on the north side of the intersection.

11:30 am – 12:30   I will be at Holy Rosary Park painting the picinc and activities.

1 pm – 1:30 pm I will be sketching the Salsa Colada group at the Artesian

2 – 3 pm I will once again be busking at the arts festival but this time at spot A at Angus and 13th on the north side of the intersection.

3 – 4 pm I would love to sketch New dance Horizon at the Artesian but not sure I can get there : ) (Just so much FESTIVAL!) #allweeklong #Cvaf2017 #RstreetsRstories

4 – 5 pm I will be busking at spot E at 13th & Garnet at the north side of the intersection

If I am not absolutely tuckered by then I may take in the following…

6:30 pm West of Malibou at the Holy Rosary Outdoor Stage

8:15 pm Andino Suns at the above venue

9:30 – 10:30 pm Oisseaux at the Cathedral Rec. Centre on 13th – sketching

And there is much more into the wee hours but I think I’ll leave that for others…Check out all the other fun happenings at