My Artwork

N.Jacquin (nee: Sacchetti)
limited edition reproduction
available through my on-line store at

“Àrms Of Strength and Tenderness“
N.Jacquin copyright all rights reserved
limited edition reproduction
also available on my site



6 thoughts on “My Artwork”

  1. beautiful!

  2. I attended a water colour class that Nikki taught, very informative, professional and also a relaxed environment for the instruction. I enjoyed this class very very much, and yes I would travel for the one day, at present my time is very structured, however in the future I would definitely consider a two day event that Nikki instructed.

    • Thank you Johanna for your comments on my art instruction. I have enjoyed you being apart of my classes. I will definitely let you know about the workshop planned for this summer. Did you see the note about the portrait workshop for Feb. 2013 that the Aurora Art Guild has hired me to teach?

  3. Joanna did you receive my email with details about the class being held at Government House this summer? If not please email me at and I will get it right out to you. I am allowing for 12 students per session and there are several who have already registered for the class.

  4. Hi Niki,
    I have a soft spot for babies and i absoulutly loved a lot of the photos published here!
    Great work!

    • Thanks so much! Hope you enjoy my future posts on art business, art travel and painting! The photos and artwork are my original work unless otherwise noted and with permission of original artists / photographers.

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