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Club Art: The Next Evolution in Your Creative Development

Club Art: The Next Evolution in Your Creative Development

You have been taking classes for a while now. You know the basics of your medium, watercolour, acrylic, drawing or oil. You are confident with colour mixing but you wonder what is the next step for your creativity!

Take it to the next level with Club Art and me, Nikki Jacquin your instructor.  I have been a professional full-time visual artist for 20 years now. In Club Art you make the creative choices about what to paint and what methods you would like to use. If  you have a technical question I am there to demo and to help guide you to the completion of your project. You may choose to complete a project in 1-2 hour session or work at your own pace and take 3 or 4 sessions to complete one art piece.

Location: Glencairn Recreational Centre, Dewdney Ave. E; Regina

Times: Fridays 6 – 8: April 15th / May 27th / June 10th

Ages: 14 years – adult

You will find at this level you also learn a great deal from watching what the other students and the class are working on!  We are a very social bunch and would love to have you join us. There are currently 8 regular students with room for 6 more!

Register by Mar. 8th, 2016 for all 3 Club Art classes and save 50% by visiting http://www.nikkisportraits.com/Shop-Now.html & click “PROMOTIONS” to see several pages of offerings currently available. The classes a regularly $25. + GST + materials per 2 hour session but get them at $12.50 + GST + materials each until the deadline. A materials list will be sent out by email before Mar. 11th.

Those wishing to register for individual sessions may also do so by visiting http://www.nikkisportraits.com/Shop-Now.html & click “ART INSTRUCTION” to view several pages of images and date options.