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Gov. House Invite Front

Gov. House Invite Backjpg

I invite you to view the works of my students and I.  We had two lovely sunny days in the 8.5 gorgeous acres of Edwardian gardens at Government House and now we are ready to exhibit the resulting works inspired there! Government House approached me to plan a workshop there with the idea that they wanted to promote the grounds as a place for all especially those involved in the arts of all kinds who were seeking inspiration. What a lovely setting to imagine artists happily painting away plein air among the myriad of lily blooms or dancers among the flower planters lining the drive overflowing now with blossoms.

I loved that when we were there painting we were able to enjoy a picnic on each day on the grounds and that we saw 2 – 3 wedding parties all in celebration mode taking photos. We also noted individuals quietly reading enjoying one of the shady benches. Clients and their attendants from Pioneer Village also strolled through the gardens and stopped to talk with us as we painted. I am sure their visit was a time of refreshing out among all that beauty.

I found in planning this class a few times of tension however over numbers of students and whether many would actually want to exhibit their work. About half have never shown their work publicly before this event and I was glad there were a few in the class who could share with excitement their past experiences putting on art shows. Happily all but 1 student chose to participate so I was not the only one creating enough work to fill the temporary gallery space on the second floor of Gov. House. One never quite knows how these things will come together when initially creating the dream.

There was also the weather as a third character in our story. I had my previously existing connection with Gov. House which I will write more about in another future post, the students and the ever unpredictable weather as characters in this plot! As folks from Saskatchewan we know what challenges weather can pose when planning an event, but we are hardy folks and forge on no matter rain, sleet or gale force winds! Lucky for us both days were absolutely weather perfection. I know that doesn’t make a great story of survival but it does makes for better paintings!

Government House, the students and I all hope you will visit the gardens and while you are there during these last few days of fall please do go up and see what the gardens inspired in us.