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Are you still looking for a great gift this season? How about giving the gift of creativity?

In 2022 I’m pleased to continue teaching at the Neil Balkwill Civic Arts Centre in Regina. I just love the facility and leadership there. I would love to have you join me 😃! Here is what’s coming up for the new year.

Students will choose the step by step images we will work on.

#60934 Beginner Acrylic
https://ca.apm.activecommunities.com/regina/Activity_Search/beginner-acrylics/56044 Jan. 17th – Jan. 21, 2022 M- F 9- noon
$125. + materials15 years – adult
Let’s paint a few step by step acrylic projects together and move into creating your own acrylic paintings from your own photographs. The basics of toned grounds, wet in wet, dry brush, brush handling, glazes, painting with a palette knife, paints and brushes will all be covered in this class.

Add texture and expressiveness to your basic acrylic know how!

#60935 What To Do With Acrylic Mediums
https://ca.apm.activecommunities.com/regina/Activity_Search/what-to-do-with-acrylic-mediums/56045 Feb. 9th – 24th, 2022 W / Th 9 – noon
$125. + materials15 yes to adult
Learn what to do with Matt Medium, Clear Gesso and Crackle Paste. Acrylic mediums are used with your acrylic paints to expand your creative potential. We will explore a new acrylic medium’s possibilities every two weeks, and apply this to your choice of still life, abstract or landscape subject matter. We will also work with ventilation tape, rubbing alcohol and stamping to add interesting textural effects.

No previous watercolour experience is required for this class in Expressive Watercolour Techniques!

#60937 Expressive Watercolour Techniques
https://ca.apm.activecommunities.com/regina/Activity_Search/expressive-watercolour-techniques/56047 Mar. 9th – 24th, 2022 W / Th9 – noon
$125. + materials15 yes to adult
Review basic watercolour techniques and explore techniques of sponging, crumpled wax paper, salt applications, splashing, wax resist, imprinting, collage, mixed mediums and more! These techniques will infuse new excitement into your watercolour paintings. Bring your own landscapes or florals for reference materials for the instructor to guide you in your selection of techniques.Sent from my Galaxy