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I am so appreciative that my new work: business card sized paintings on repurposed copper plate was well recieved at my last RAC ( Regina Art Collective) group show at the Lobby Gallery in Regina. The Lobby Gallery is located in the Regina Performing Arts Center at 1077 Angus Street. All of the images ( pictured above) sold within one month as did a larger piece painted on copper that was on display at the Neil Balkwill Civic Arts Centre at College Ave & Elphinstone St. where I am a regular Visual Arts Instructor.

SOLD!”Cypress Wildflower Trail” copyright Nikki Jacquin; Acrylic on copper plate; 30″ x 8″ image

I plan to continue creating more of these with hopes of getting them also in a few gift shops. I will update you in the near future.

Yes, I still do paint commissioned portraits too for families, but this new work was inspired by my time as a Guest Artist in Residence in Cypress Hills, Sask. For 3 years I was paid to hike, teach and paint the park for up to 6 weeks in each year. I worked with park resource officers and the staff at the observatory planning arts related programing for visitors of the park and really gained a deeper appreciation for the place that has always been so special to my family.

For more information about available work in this style or to hear about commissioning a portrait please visit:

In recent years I have also become a
organizer of international painting holidays. I have taken 2 groups to France, 2 to Cuba and of course 2 groups to Cypress Hills.

For three years, I enjoyed the role of Guest Artist in Residence at
the Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park in Saskatchewan. While there, I
was inspired to explore the trails as a metaphor for labyrinths and
pilgrimages. I found hiking to be a contemplative practice that grounded
me spiritually. The resulting work from these hikes was an exploration of copper plate and leaf as a medium. I employ chemical etching, carving,
and embossing, along with many other techniques. Unpainted passages reflect light back to the viewer much in the same way the light on the trails would. Only repurposed copper is used in my work.

Similar to past explorations with new materials or techniques, this new
found information has refreshed my approach to portraiture too. I have begun to explore portraits on copper which lend a classical Romanesque feel to the work.

In 2018, I also was honoured to be named the YMCA Woman of Distinction
recieving the Jacqui Schumiatcher Arts Award.

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My next art show: “For Love of Allusion” will take place at the Lobby Gallery. The opening reception will be held there April 10th, 2019 from 5:30 – 7 pm. I will be displaying with fellow RAC artists:

Shelley McGillivray Holmes

Les Sneesby and

Guest Artist: David Butt!

We hope to see you there!