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I decided to share a video of one of my recent works with you. It is currently available. ( When you play the video it will right itself.)

“Shifting Sands: The Great Sand Hills, Sask.”

Image: 8″ x 24″

Medium: acrylic on copper leaf with an embossed copper plate insert.

The Great Sand Hills, Sask is an area that has become very special to me over the years. Our family always loved camping in the Cypress Hills Destination Region in all seasons ( except winter.) Although I camped in the snow for a week there one May. In our exploration of the area we discovered a large vacant spot on the map where there appeared to be no roads. Curious we headed off and were amazed by what we discovered.

The Great Sand Hills cover a 2000 sq km area and are best entered through the town of Septre or Libenthal, Sask. Septre has an excellent museum there where you may learn about the diverse yet fragile ecology there. Although it is dessert like it is far from uninhabited. There are many species there that exist only in this region. Some species are endangered or near extinct. In the copper plate insert I have a DNA chain made of the tracks of two such creatures. A friend had given me a thin copper plate that I repurposed. I had to sand and hammer it to get it back to it’s original pristine form before embossing it.

For further details about this painting or to learn more about my 3rd Paint Plein Air in the Tradition of the Canadian Group of Seven please call 1-877-335-7655 toll free or visit http://www.nikkisportraits.com/Shop-Now.html and click “art holidays”. The Great Sand Hills are one of our painting destinations during this trip!