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Paint Plein Air in the Tradition of the Canadian Group of Seven Art Reception

We invite you to meet the artists, 9 in all plus their instructor Nikki Jacquin to view artwork created over this week, July 16 – 23, 2018 and in Sept. of 2017 en plein air at various locations in the Cypress Hills Destination Area of Sask.

Nikki Jacquin, a full time visual artist and art instructor is leading this excursion.

In 2011 – 13 Nikki spent up to 6 weeks between May and Sept each year as the Guest Artist in Residence in the area as part of the Art in the Park Program. Her love of the region inspired this week long workshop. She had a desire to share it with her students along with the art of the Canadian Group of Seven. They believed that Canada, as a newly industrialized nation needed it’s own art form, one painted en plein air ( in the open air) inspired by our nation’s rugid land.

Each painting in this show highlights a spot in Cypress Hills with a style reflective of one of the member of the Group of Seven. In this way the artists of this show were able to “try on” the shoes of a Group of Seven member and better understand the land and members artwork.

Bonnie McBride
Joanne Lepp
Debra Andrei
Shanna Hummel
Debbie Hooper
Maria Whaley
Teresa Balon
Pat Sterzuk
Christine Broderick-Hawrylak
Nikki Jacquin

Nikki has led 2 excursions to France, 2 to Cuba and instructs art classes at the Neil Balkwill Civic Arts Centre in Regina. She was honoured to be awarded the YWCA Jacquie Schumiatcher Arts Award in 2018.