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“AN INCREASING LABOUR”; Copyright Nikki Jacquin; 22″ x 77″; Copper leaf on acrylic with imbedded etched repurposed copper plate.

UPDATE: Earlier I had shared in good faith information about this item’s auction bid being $6000. Sadly it only went for $300.; far below it’s fair market value. ( I am basing this on my +23 years of recorded sales.) During the auction, when my piece was being bid on, it was so noisy I could not hear the final bid. I spoke to someone who said they knew of the person who did the bookkeeping for the auctioning organization and that he would ask him what the final bid was. I guess I wanted to believe that figure to be true, but I should have confirned it myself. Today at the organizations office while I was making a delivery I asked to confirm the information I was given. I feel badly for sharing incorrect information and apologize.

Granted; it still gets dark early on March evenings in Saskatchewan, but going to meet a man I had not met before and where I was meeting him had me alert and edgy. It was 7:30 pm in the evening and I had been trying to locate this chemical since 3 that afternoon. As I pulled off of Saskatchewa Drive into the back alley in front of the Plains Hotel and in behind the tattoo parlour facing Albert Street, I opened my window just a crack to the man approaching my vehicle. I asked if David was inside. The man said, “Nobody here by that name.” I then realized I was at the wrong door. Two doors down there was the glass door I had been told about. I had been sent a photo of David. Thankfully I would be able to see through the door before entering!

Earlier that day I had been working when I had an urgent need for the chemical. It wasn’t where I usually stored it. I had a deadline of the next day by 5 pm and without this chemical it wasn’t going to happen.

I tried to remember where I had last purchased it. All I could remember was that the name was a string of letters. Opening the phone book (showing my age now) I searched under the appropriate category. Nothing looked familiar. I did see another company with just as descriptive a name and dialed. Upon describing the location where I last recalled making my purchase and what I was looking for, the person suggested B & E. They were however now closed and employees had started up a new company called XYZ; we will call them. I dialed their number and found they were no longer in business. I then got the notion to Google them. Up popped a suggestion that took me to Crashbang Labs in Regina. I found their group page on Facebook.

My request to join the group was promptly answered. I quickly posted my request, ” Does anyone have 2 cups of FeCl3 I can purchase?” I was then messaged with an affirmative along with direction and a photo of a man I was to meet. It was now 7:15 pm and I was a little reluctant to venture out but in desperate need of this chemical. So I set off and successfully acquired my FeCl3 ( Ferric Chloride). Thanks to David of Crashbang Labs of Regina I had what I needed to meet my deadline.

My project; was an upcycled door for the Doors and More Fundraising Gala to be held at the MacKenzie Art Gallery, Regina in support of Habitat for Humanity. (See above image.) The repurposed etched copper plate was the cause of my late night scavenger hunt that led to some rather fun post exchanges with members of the club. One person responded, “Jeeze, what happened to borrowing an egg or a cup of sugar? 😉 Next we’ll be asking each other for spare trans-spatial polarizers.” To which I replied, “If you’re ever needing Transparentizer, I’m your lady :).” I love it when my art journey takes me to unexpected place to make new friends!

Oh, the door by the way has been chosen by the fundraising committee for their live auction this Friday, Mar. 16th, 2018. Tickets may be purchased by contacting Habitat for Humanity or the MacKenzie. It should be a great evening for a very worthwhile cause with many doors available on silent and live auction created by Saskatchewan artists.

Crashbang Labs it turns out is a non profit group open to anyone 0 – 100 years who likes to tinker with technology and electronics. I may just have to go check it out more closely one day. They have event nights called group builds where anyone can show up and participate in the group techie project.

Crashbang Labs you saved my bacon! Thanks for the neighborly loan. I may have to join you one day! Your 3 D printer intrigues me.

Etched copper plate from “An Increasing Labour” Copyright Nikki Jacquin.

I will be teaching a workshop on these techniques Mar. 16, 17 and 18, 2018 for the Prairie Art Guild in Regina. To register or for more information visit https://nikkijacquinartist.wordpress.com/2017/12/22/adding-metallic-leaf-workshop-hosted-by-the-prairie-art-guild-march-16-17-18th-2018/