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“Trans Canada Trail East of Cypress Hills Centre Block copyright N.Jacquin (SOLD) Image size: 10″ x 8” Acrylic on Copper Plate

MARCH 16, 17, 18, 2018

1. Dates and times:
Friday, March 16 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Saturday, March 17 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Sunday, March 18 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

To Register Contact:

David Hengen, Workshop Coordinator.


Techniques to be covered:
Applying metallic leaf and preparing it for affects, Faux Patina, Glazing, Inserting copper wire and remnant metallic leaf for 3D effects, Applying metallic leaf to sections of an already painted work which must be unvarnished, Demo, if time permits, of preparation of copper plate for paint and etching of copper plate.

Wascana Rehabilitation Centre, Meeting Rooms 1, 2, and 3, second floor
2180 23rd Avenue, Regina. Parking is on 23rd Avenue or lot on west side of building

In this workshop, you will learn various techniques to add the reflective quality of metallic to your acrylic painting, and the process of applying metallic leaf to a painting support.

#3. You will be provided with a 12” x 16” pre-gessoed hardboard prepared in advance, with metallic leaf (Value $40.00, included in the fee), and you will need to bring one completed acrylic unvarnished painting to which you will apply metallic leaf.

*Bring your “friendly” acrylic brushes and paints as well as the usual support equipment.,
*ie 1 litre water container,
*paper towel, rags etc.
*palette knife.
*Paints: bring colours you want to work with plus colours to mix the folliwing type colours: Red Oxide, a greeny turquoise or black are best for under painting the leaf.
*Bring lots of paper towels, (Bounty is best),
*and old newspapers to protect the tables.
*wax paper cut to 6” x 6” – 6 pieces.
* soft cloth,
*tablespoon for burnishing,
*1-ziplock bag for collecting remnant leaf,
*Any 1-3 images that will be your inspiration.
*9” x 12” canvas boards or some heavier support ready to paint on
*1” or 2” flat soft brush for applying leaf.
*1/4” hogs hair bristle (a cheaper brush) for removing excess leaf.

The following materials will be available for purchase at the workshop at $20. taxes in / student.

Specialty materials:
*1/2 package of faux Gold, silver, variegated or copper leaf in a thin weight. Any brand will do.
*Modeling paste (For Faux Patinas method).
*Heavy Gel Medium (For embedding metallic flakes that are remnants of the application process).
*Water-based gilding adhesive or gilding.
*Also acrylic gloss medium or GAC 200 or a hard fast drying gloss medium

$190.00 for PAG members, and $210.00 for non members. Includes hardboard. See #3. 7 is secured only by payment in full. Make cheques payable to Prairie Artists Guild. Class limited to 20. Regarding refunds, if a request for refund is received 5 days prior to the workshop, a 50% will be refunded: 2 days before, no refund. Crisis situations will be considered.

A small quantity of goodies is always welcomed, but is not mandatory. Coffee will be supplied and always available. Ours is a scent free workshop. Perfumes and shaving lotions are not acceptable. Some participants are allergic to scents. Please wear your name tag if you have one.