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My step by step students are embarking on a series of lessons featuring the Impressionists. If you would like to join us Wednesdays at 4 – 6 pm from Oct – Dec. 2017 at the Argyle Community Rec. Centre in Regina; you can still register for upcoming images on my site at http://www.nikkisportraits.com/Shop-Now.html and click “art instruction”. If you do not have art materials but would like to try a beginner step by step acrylic class, I offer an art kit that you can order for $15. + taxes. The kit includes everything you will need to complete an image. Each image is continued through 2 sessions. You can complete the first half of Monet’s Lily Pond and join us tomorrow, Oct. 11th from 4 – 6 pm by calling me at 306-775-0925. Ages 8 years to adult are welcome but children must be accompanied by a registered adult. Each 2 hour session is $30. + GST per person! The rec. centre is located adjacent to the Dr.L.M. Hanna Elementary School.

You can now register for individual classes!

Here are the notes for the first part of “The Lily Pond” by Monet. This of course is only my best guess of how he may have painted the work. We will be learning about the Impressionists as well in advance of my 3rd Painting Like The Impressionists Group Tour to France, Aug. 28th -Sept. 8th, 2018! I am very excited that we will be staying at http://perigord-retreats.com/nikki-jacquin/ for the first part of our trip this time and then continuing on to Paris for the last portion of the trip. For more details contact Perigord Retreats or call me toll free at 1-877-335-7655! The deadline for Registration is Feb.28th, 2018.

Here are your FREE lesson notes! Join us in person for part 2!

Page 1 Lesson Notes

Page 2 Lesson Notes

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The Lily Pond  – link to pdf file if you want to pint this.