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One Day In An Orchard – Plein Air PaintingWorkshop with Sask. Artist Nikki Jacquin call 306-775-0925 to register.

Ok the week is becoming a blur, but a fun blur of ink sketches and oil paint : )

I am scheduled to paint plein air and sketch some more on Thursday and perhaps Friday and definitely Sat. at Funville at Holy Rosary Park in Regina and at the Arts Festival as a busker : ) I have been involved with the event as an exhibitor in past years but trying it from a new perspective this year!


a painting created this week by joining the event at Http://www.facebook.com/PaintingTours  or by emailing me from my site at http://www.nikkisportraits.com ! The winner will be announced on Sunday, May 28th, 2017 at 2 pm CST on social media. Be sure to confirm your win before midnight CST on that date please!

My schedule for Thur.

1 – 3 pm

Cafe Sketchbook Tour as part of my instruction with the Neil Balkwill. I am teaching a class at the Mercury Cafe – registration in advance is required.

7 Pm – 8 pm At the Artesian on 13th Ave Literary Night, I will be sketching the happenings there.

Check out all the other fun happenings at http://www.cvaf.ca