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Egypt Flatsheet

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Art Instruction by Nikki Jacquin $700. + GST  MAX. 14 students; Non-painting partners and friends are also welcome to join us!

Contact Nikki at  1-877-335-7655 toll free or visit http://www.nikkisportraits.com/Shop-Now.html and click “Art Holidays” Be one of the first of 5 students to register by placing a $350. + GST deposit and receive a BONUS: a 2 hour private art lesson with Nikki in your choice of subject matter and medium. You may also email Nikki at artist@nikkisportraits.com

Excursion Package by Helmsing Travel

Contact Jodi Hartnell at 306-584-3769 to book your excursion package and flights! You may also email Jodi at jhartnell@helmsingtravel.com 


Nikki Jacquin Painting Tour for 2018 – Itinerary Feb. 22-Mar. 9th

On arrival into Cairo and proceed to the first hotel, and allow for relaxation after the flight. All hotels will have restaurants and amenities that people need to relax after their journey.

Day One – We will take a walking tour through the oldest part of Cairo for people to see a little bit of the city. The city has 22 million people in it, so this will be a VERY small part of Cairo. In the afternoon, I will suggest that we have a little meeting to see if people have questions now that they have arrived and then we will proceed to a Welcome Dinner.

Day Two – Early departure from Cairo to Luxor by plane. On arrival at Luxor, we will proceed to Karnak Temple for arrival at 9a, where we will have a short overview for everyone, and then painters can proceed to paint until 1p. (3 Hours Painting) We will have everyone check into the hotel, Sonesta Luxor, and there is a large deck where people can opt to practice and paint, or we can take a horse and carriage tour of the Luxor Market area. Remainder of the day will be at guest’s discretion and we can organize anything on the spot as well.

Day Three – We will have an optional Hot Air Balloon Ride over the Valley of the Kings and the Nile at sunrise. We leave in the dark and are in the air for sunrise, so am suggesting photos for those wanting to paint it later. We will have breakfast upon return to the hotel, and head to the Luxor Museum for 10a, where you will have paint time until 1.30p. (3.5 Hours Painting) We will offer the museum tour to the non-painters, and there is a lovely spot to sit outside the museum for some time in the sun for the non-painters with a beautiful view of the Nile. After a few hours of rest, we will head to Luxor Temple at 4.30p, which is a temple best seen at sunset, and again, photos will be done, as the sun sets while we are there, however it is beautiful in the evening.

Day Four – Early morning visit to The Valley of the Kings. Photos are not allowed inside the tombs, however, there are photos for purchase and they are cheap. We will proceed to the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, and we will have about 2.5 hours of paint time there. (2.5 Hours Painting) The boat leaves at 1p, so we will have to check in on the boat, and then we will have the upper deck set up for people to do more painting for 2 hours. (2 Hours Painting) This will be in direct sun, so please advise your guests accordingly. We will be moving, so it could be windy, but the scenery is unlike any other.

Day Five – We will tour the Temple of Horus at Edfu after breakfast. We will not be able to paint at the temple as the boat’s schedule does not leave enough time, however, the boat departs at 1p, and we will have set up on the upper deck again for your group. (2.5 Hours Painting) Tour of Temple of Kom Ombo is at sunset. If painters opt to stay on board and continue painting, that will be fine. The non-painters can proceed on a tour and if anyone wants to join, they can. (2 hours more Optional Painting)

Day 6 – Arriving into Aswan, we will go early to the Temple of Philae of the island of Isis. We will have paint time there, and the non-painters can take a more detailed tour of the temple. (3 Hours Painting) We will proceed back to the boat for lunch, as all meals are included on the cruise, and guests will have the option to visit a Nubian village or stay they can paint on board. If we have requests, we can stop at the Spice Market and have a felucca ride on this day.

Day 7 – This morning there will be two options offered. They can choose between an optional fly in trip to Abu Simbel to see the Temple of Ramses II, Temple of the Mighty Sun God or they can stay on board and have a sunrise paint session. Abu Simbel will have to be a photo sight, and they arrive back on board at 1p where we set sail again. In the afternoon, we will again have you set up on the top deck of the boat.

Day 8 – On this day the boat is moving all day, and so it is completely free. You can decide if you would like to have a session or if you would like time off. You can even decide on the tour, as it is very easy going and very relaxed.

Day 9 – Temple of Dendara north of Luxor, will be on the agenda today. By leaving early, we can have about 4 hours of painting time at the temple before heading back to the boat in Luxor. (4 Hours Painting) In the afternoon, if people wish to go back to a sight in Luxor, we can arrange that, however, it will be at their own expense. Opportunity for one last painting time on the boat if you wish.

Day 10 – Flight back to Cairo from Luxor, and upon arrival in Cairo we will head to the Khan El Khalili Market for another truly Egyptian experience. We will not be able to paint here, and you will understand when we get there. 😉 We can spend some time there, and then we will check into the Mena House Resort, which is situated at the base of the Great Pyramid. This will likely be afternoon by the time we get there, depending on traffic, so we will have to have free time for the remainder.

Day 11 – This morning we are up before sunrise to get to the Pyramids for our PRIVATE visit of the Great Pyramids. There will only be our group and security there, and it is amazing. We only have 2 hours here, so my suggestion is that we have people sketch or photograph for later. I do not encourage anyone to go to the pyramids during public hours as it is just unpleasant with people and vendors. After the visit, we will proceed to a viewing area where we will ride camels in the Sahara. We will head back to the hotel, where we will set up on the lawn at the base of the pyramid and you will have painting time. (3 Hours Painting) This afternoon, we will have a home visit at a typical Egyptian home, courtesy of one of my brother’s in laws. It will give some insight into modern life in Egypt.

Day 12 – Today, we will have set up on the lawn for you at sunrise beside the pyramid. This can be a longer session, as we will not plan anything until the Farewell Dinner this evening. For interested parties, we will be doing a little bit of shopping today in the early afternoon at a cotton shop and papyrus shop. If there are other requests for shopping, we can arrange while we are there. (5 Hours Painting)

Day 13 – Today will be spent at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Please understand that this museum is crowded and therefore, minimal supplies should be taken. We will be there for opening at 9a and painters can have until approx. 1p for painting. (4 Hours Painting) We will head back to the hotel for the afternoon to allow people time for last minute things and to pack up for the trip home.

Day 14 – Fly home