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Vietnam and Cambodia Nov. 2016 Painting Excursion with Nikki Jacquin

Vietnam and Cambodia Nov. 2016 Painting Excursion with Nikki Jacquin

Dates for this event are Nov. 9th – 25th, 2017.

Full Details and Itinerary: https://nikkijacquinartist.wordpress.com/2016/05/22/nov-2016-paint-exotic-vietnam-cambodia-itinerary-pricing/

I am so excited to let you in on a secret! Just as I returned from my Mid-Winter Cuban Salsa Dance & Paint Group Excursion on March 8th; I was called by Marlin Travel in Regina! They asked if I would be interested in organizing a group painting excursion to Vietnam and Cambodia in Nov. 2017. Of course I said yes! There will be room for just 14 painters. Non-painting partners are also welcome. Because Marlin will be advertising this to their 18 office and databases nation wide, I wanted to be sure you heard about this opportunity from me first; before the news gets out! If you would like more information on this my 4th painting tour and my 1st to Vietnam & Cambodia please email me at artist@nikkisportraits.com and I will get you in touch with Cindy at Marlin Travel! Marlin is partnering with TC Asia Travel from B.C. who will be providing a tour guide through out this trip so I will be able to focus solely on the painting workshops! This also means that non painting partners and friends will a guide for times when we are painting. A $550. CAD deposit holds your space and I hear there are specialincentives for the first 6 participants to book. Aug. 11th, 2017 is the registartion deadline. So book soon!  ~ Nikki

Photos are used with permission of Marlin Travel; Regina.


Mid-Winter Cuban Salsa dance and Paint Group Excursion

Mid-Winter Cuban Salsa dance and Paint Group Excursion

2017 Tentative dates for this event are Feb. 20th – Mar. 6th, 2017.

To reserve your space call 1-877-335-7655 toll free or visit: http://www.nikkisportraits.com/Shop-Now.html and click “Art Holidays”

I really enjoyed my first group tour that I led to Cuba in Feb. – Mar. 2016. I would like to make this an intimate yearly event inviting a maximum of 8 students to join me. The tour in 2016 included 7 days in Trinidad and 6 in Havana. We stayed in casa particulars, the Cuban version of a B&B. The casas run by local Cuban hosts allowed us to more personally explore Cuban culture and its people. There were many opportunities for plein air painting in a mix of subjects as we painted, architecture, natural wonders and more. We explored commercial galleries, had a private introduction to one of Cuba’s internationally renowned artists, attended a contemporary art space / night club complete with bands, video installations and fashion shows. We of course also visited the National Gallery of Havana, the Cuban works. As we visited other treasured locations in Cuba were recommended for my 2017 visit. I plan to include a few of these also in 2017.

A $550. + GST deposit US reserves your space! The registration deadline is Jan. 30th, 2017. (Max. 11 students) Feb. 20 – March 6th, 2017 The cost of this package is $1350. US + your choice of accommodations + GST. Does not include flights and some meals. 14 day cost for accommodations = single $560. US + GST / or double $280. US + GST.




Paint France Like an Impressionist

Paint France Like an Impressionist

Tentative Dates: June 2018 

Visit: http://www.facebook.com/PaintingTours and join my event pages to get the most up to date information.

Join me on my 3nd France Painting Holiday! Space is limited to 12 students. This is a classic favourite of all plein air painters and a must see to add to your bucket list. What makes my tour different than other painting tours to France? I would say it is our exploration of the French country side and our intimate accommodations; the french gite (a renovated barn, 13th century mill or other such structure that houses only our group.) Of course Paris shops and its important galleries; Louvre, d’Orsay, etc are included but I love, love the french country side.  In 2013 and 2015 we explore the S.W. Goscony portion of France and in 2015 we stepped into the Dorgne region. I would like to explore this region a little more so in 2018.


Paint Plein Air in the Tradition of the Canadian Group of Seven

Paint Plein Air in the Tradition of the Canadian Group of Seven

2017 Dates for this event are Sept. 15th – 22nd, 2017.

To Reserve Your Space: http://www.nikkisportraits.com/Shop-Now.html and click “Art Holidays”

To be in the know; visit http://www.facebook.com/PaintingTours and join the event! I have posted information regarding accommodation options, dining and shopping at that event.

Cypress Hills Inter-Provincial Park has always been a perennial favourite of my families since the kids were little. We would spend whole days exploring ever gorgeous trail the park had to offer. In 2012, 13, 14 I was invited to be a Guest Artist in Residence at the park. This program was made possible through a Creative Partnerships Grants with Sask Parks and the Friends of Cypress Hills and the Sask Arts Board funded through Sask Lotteries, and Sask Culture. As part of my residency I was hired to plan and lead art lessons with visitors to the park and to work on my private art practice which included hiking and photographing the park for future paintings. One year I spent a total of 6 weeks in residence there, including the month of September, which by far was the most beautiful month as the fall colours burst forth.

I have planned and executed several excursions to foreign locals but dreamed also of inviting my artists friends at home and outside of Canada to experience and paint with me the beauty of my home province in the Cypress Hills region. In Sept. the Cowboy Poetry event takes place. The Cypress Hills Winery is also an inviting hidden treasure as are the varied forms of typography all waiting to be painted; the Conglomerate Cliffs, the Great Sand Hills; wild flowers of all sorts; rivers and the rolling hills.

Place a $100. CAD + GST deposit towards the $250. + GST cost of these classes to reserve your space! It is recommended that participants reserve their accommodations a year ahead at the Cypress Hills Lodge as they book quickly.

For more information about these tours and other art classes I am offering please email: Nikki at artist@nikkisportraits.com of

phone 1-877-335-7655 toll free in N.A to reserve your spot.