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This past weekend was a real join for me. The Art Gallery of Regina had invited me to come and teach one of my all time favourite classes linocut printing. This method made popular by Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso continues to enjoy a revival among today’s visual artists. In the class I talked about basics of designing, planning, mono prints, muli-coloured single print processes, dual block printing processes, registering your blocks for dual printing, the suicide or reduction carving and printing method as well as safety and materials used.  I also covered briefly how artists may incorporate these techniques into their already existing art practices in watercolour, and mixed media acrylic painting.

There has already been preliminary talk about a future art class I will teach for the Art Gallery of Regina in the winter of 2016 on mixing flesh tones in acrylic! Thank you to the gallery for the invitation to teach and I am am looking forward to future classes held in conjunction with you!

If you are a gallery seeking new instructors and would like further information about scheduling a workshop with me, please contact me; Nikki Jacquin at artist@nikkisportraits.com or by calling toll free in NA 1-877-335-7655!

Thank you to all who attended the workshop. I enjoyed spending the day creating with you. If I did not have a hot link in this blog post to some of your art and you would like me to add a link, please email me with your link at artist@nikkisportraits.com . I would be happy to add it!

Want to be added to my student data base to hear about upcoming classes? You can also reach me by the above methods. ~ Nikki


Block one of a 2 block registered printing process designed by, Anne Brochu Lambert (Artist / Student in my class)


Resulting linocut prints by (top: Anne Brochu Lambert ; bottom left: Christine Lindsay; bottom right: Gord Barnes


Completed linocut print by Christine Lindsay (Sask Artist /student in my class)


Gordon Barnes working on a test print of his linocut inspired by one of the Group of Seven.


Final Linocut prints by Sask artist & student in my class; Bonnie McBride!) Bonnie will also be joining on my painting excursion to France this June 2015


Finished linocuts drying. Top: (by Anne Brochu Lambert); Middle: (my experiment with the reduction method of linocut. This method means a second printing is mad but with the altered first block. There is no going back with this method. That is why it is often refered to as the suicide method. Cupcakes by N.Jacquin; instructor of this class) Bottom: (2nd linocut print produced during the class by Christine Lindsay!) Fantastico!


Some lovely linocut monoprints by Valerie Phillips (Sask artist and student in my class).


Anne Brochu lambert (Sask Artist and student in my 2015 Linocut class for the Art gallery of Regina) here discussing her plans for the second linocut registered print. Anne carved 2 seperate blocks which needed to be registered during cutting and printing for accuracy! Great job Anne!


Bonnie McBride (Sask. Artist and student in my linocut class) displaying proudly her results. Bonnie will also be attending me 2015 Paint France Like and Impressionist Group Tour this June! I.m looking forward to seeing what ever creative Bonnie comes up with on the trip!


Some finished work by students drying and my reduction process print layer one drying here. “Cupcakes” by N.Jacquin.


Elaine ( Sask artist and student in my class) experimenting with using 2 colours on her linoblock simultaneously prior to printing. We used acrylics in this class. Some students also brought their own water soluble inks.

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(Sask artist and student in this class); Christine Lindsay experimenting with a multi-coloured lino block.


I love happy students look when they are creating. Here (Sask artist and student in my class) Valerie Phillips prepares to lay down some ink!


Ah and a very special student Sask artist all the way from Saskatoon; Carole Young. Carole joined me on my inaugural Paint France Like an Impressionist Tour held May 2013! It was such a nice surprise to have you join me in this class Carole. Thanks for making the journey!