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There’s a  new option for your holiday shopping! I am pleased to be partnering with Primo Gift Cards a locally owned Saskatchewan business that believes in supporting local business! At PrimoGiftCards.com you can feel good about saving big because you are shopping locally! My company Nikki’s Portraits of Childhood has agreed to have a number of gift cards available to the public through PrimoGiftCards.com. While supplies last you can purchase a $100. gift card through the PrimoGiftCard site good at Nikki’s Portraits of Childhood but you pay only $50.! The companies benefit through a sales credit which we can spend with the other companies registered with PrimoGiftCards! Every buddy wins!

Through purchasing gift cards and printing them on your home printer and then spending them with local businesses, you are injecting dollars into our local economy benefiting the whole province of Saskatchewan. I know I purchase 90% of the goods I need to create my works of art through local suppliers! This in turn helps create jobs at these businesses.

This is what PrimoGiftCards says on it’s Facebook “about page”:

“Locally owned businesses are essential to maintaining healthy, vibrant and prosperous communities. They provide the tax base, good jobs, and revenue that every local economy needs to function and thrive.

The reality of todays market place is that “big business” is making it increasingly difficult for locally owned businesses of every kind and size t be competitive and profitable.

Primo Gift Cards is perfectly suited to provide locally owned businesses the edge In the local market place to recapture market share and improve margins.

Advertising with primo GC’s provide locally owned businesses 2 distinct opportunities that no other advertising can deliver.
-Advertising to local consumers in the form of discounted promotional Gift Cards.
-Advertise to the most valuable type of clientele there is… Local Business owners.

At Primo Gift Cards, we deliver the most dynamic and cost effective advertising currently available.”

They even invite you to contact them at 1-855-789-9998 to suggest other local business you would like to see offered through Primo’s site or they can be contacted at Admin@PrimoGiftCards.com .