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OPEN HOUSE: Michaels Craft Store /  Sat:, Sept. 20th, 2014 (10 am – 4 pm)

Regina Location: Prince of Wales Dr.

Saskatoon Location: Preston Ave. N.

Meet the instructors and see what they are offering for the Oct. – Dec. sessions. Plus…

When you register for any class over $20. you will receive a $20. voucher; good that day only, towards supplies. What a great time to stock up on needed materials! So you will receive a $20. voucher; one for each class that is over $20. that you register for that day!

When you register for classes you will be given a supplies list and sales associates will be happy to help you locate what you need. I will be at the Saskatoon store this time so a classroom coordinator will be there to answer you questions about the Grumbacher classes I am teaching.

Grumbacher Acrylic Student Kit

Grumbacher Acrylic Student Kit

Drawing Class Materials

Drawing Class Materials

What's Inside.

What’s Inside.