April - June 2014 Intermediate Regina

You might want to keep an eye out. There has been talk of a March 8th Open House at Michaels Craft Stores. No word yet on any reduced registration but as soon as I hear I will be sure to post updated info on my blog. All registration for Grumbacher acrylic classes are taken at Michaels on Prince of Wales Dr. in Regina.

New for this quarter will be a series of Bring Your Own Photo Intermediate Portrait Classes. Each is the usual 4 hour $50. + materials format class. The difference will be that each student is invited to bring his or her own head and shoulder type family photo to paint. I will give short demonstrations that will apply to everyone’s project but I will be circulating and helping each student individually for the most part. If you donot complete your project in session 1, then simply register for session 2 and 3 as needed. There is a max. of 12 students/ session so be sure to register soon and for as many as you think you may need. The advantage here for students is that they will be able to work at their own pace to the completion of their painting.