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NEW this quarter in Saskatoon is the offering of intermediate 4 hr Grumbacher acrylic classes at the Michaels Craft Store on Preston Ave.N., Saskatoon. Now you can take your acrylic painting skills to the next level. Nikki Jacquin of Nikki’s Portraits of Childhood has been teaching the beginner courses in Saskatoon for the past 10 months and is now offering intermediate courses on alternating months. The first one will be a study of Monet’s “Field of Poppies at Giverny”. The intermediate classes are 4 hour long classes at $50. + materials each. The first one will be held Sat., May 3rd from 12:30 – 4:30 pm. You may wish to bring a snack and drink since this is a longer class. ¬†There will also be a short 10 min.break midway through the class. April and June’s classes will continue to be the 2 hr beginner format. To register please visit your Michaels Craft Store on Preston Ave.N. in Saskatoon. You will be given a syllabus outlining the materials needed for your class.

March 8th, 2014 there will once again be an Open House at Michaels where you can meet Nikki the class instructor. Check back for details about the time and any specials being offered.