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A long time good buddy of mine, born in Newfoundland is planning a home bound trip for 2 months. Lucky me..I have been invited along for 2 weeks of it. I’ve always believed the best way to see a place is with someone who knows it. I am looking forward to meeting Joan’s love, her island. I hope to take lots of photo references, to paint plein air and maybe take in some of the local culture.

As a full-time visual artist I have been asked many times to teach various types of painting workshops. You can search my blog here to see examples. So when Joan asked me along, I thought well if I could arrange 2 full day workshops that might be a nice way to connect with the artists of Newfoundland and to hear what it is to be a painter in their land.

I have been calling art centers, contacted VANL-CARFAC of which I am a SK member and got lots of help there, but I am not finding contact info for Newfoundland art guilds. I know they have to exist…in such a beautiful place artists are bound to band together and paint. If anyone can help me in my search I would be most appreciative. Until I see you Newfoundland, “Stay where you are at till I come where your to!” Hope to be there in time for the mummering.

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