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Why do you paint?
M: I find painting relaxing and a time to connect with the Lord and let Him inspire me.
What are your favorite materials and subjects?
M: I love nature so much I really only have an interest in painting that, particularly flowers.  I enjoy using gesso, mod podge, textured bags off tomatoes or onions, items of interest I can glue to my picture.
What are your aspirations for the future and your art?
M: I paint for the pleasure of it.  And when I feel led by the Lord,  I like to give my art away.  I desire to learn more techniques and continue to practice when I have the time
Favourite artist or art movement?
M: I don’t have a favorite artist at this point   there are so many amazing artists out there.
Favourite art quote?
M: I don’t have a favorite art quote
About the “In Full Bloom” workshop with instructor Nikki Jacquin and upcoming student exhibition at Gov. House this Oct. – Dec., 2013:
M: The workshop was a huge stretch for me as I am a beginner.  It was my first time painting outside so I learned a lot even in what that’s about as well as enjoyed learning new techniques and the beauty around me.  It was a great lunch and time to visit and get to meet other artists.   Getting ready for an exhibit has been daunting for me and somewhat stressful, yet a good opportunity to learn and grow and an exciting time as well.
Marlene and I first met through my Grumbacher acrylic classes at Michaels. It was a a mutual friend that initially brought us together suggesting she take the class. Marlene has been fairly regular in those weekly classes and when she was invited to join my workshop at Government House I was pleased she not only decided to attend the workshop but took on the challenge of preparing work for exhibit at Government House with the rest of my students. I was quite excited to see the way she took the techniques taught and applied them in  new and exciting ways. For example see the first image at the top of this blog. This is an acrylic on patterned material with stitching and beading. You can tell Marlene has knowledge of traditional embroidery and beading techniques in the way she uses these materials. I also liked the graphical way she treated the plants painting them in a flat manner and showing their root system to contrast the sculptural quality of the stitching and beading. This is sure to be one of those art pieces that begs to be touched.
This will be Marlene’s first time exhibiting her work publicly. I hope you will encourage her buy visiting the show during Gov. House, Regina regular hours. I am sure as Marlene reads your comments, she will have added enthusiasm to keep her moving forward with her art.
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