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March 9th, 2013 from 11 am – 3 pm is Open House time at the Michaels Craft Stores in Regina and Saskatoon. You may register for as many of these classes at that time and net a huge savings! be sure to mark the date on your calendar! Those 11 – adult are welcome to register. Classes are a step by step type lesson with me, Nikki Jacquin as your instructor. I offer plenty of 1 on 1 student assistance.

Beginner classes are regularly $25. + materials for a 2 hour class and intermediate classes are reg. $50. + materials for a 4 hour class.

Store locations:
Regina Michaels is on Prince of Wales Dr. &
Saskatoon Michaels is on Preston Avenue.

When you register be sure to ask for your student syllabus that outlines the materials you will need. If you have questions you may call the me at 1-306-775-0925.

Classes in Regina:

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May beginner acrylic classes at Michaels Craft Store

Jan - Mar 2013 intermediateApril – May 2013 Intermediate Calendar April May 2013 intermediate calendarClasses available in Saskatoon:

April Saskatoon Art Class Calendar