previously posted   06/23/12

ImageThis past week has been chuck full of an endless to do list in preparation for my coming Guest Artist Residency in Cypress Hills, SK.  Last week I poured over schedules of workshops I planned to offer and in collaboration with Connie Gibbens (one of the lead Artist in Residence) there and Melody Negal-Hisey, TPCS (Park Area Naturalist) we edited things till just the right balance of programming and personal art practice time was struck. Connie & her husband Jeff Phillips are both lead Artists in Residence at Cypress.  You can view their work at & I am so very appreciative of their willingness to share this opportunity with other Saskatchewan artists this year.

This opportunity came about through a Creative Partnerships Grant Program & The Arts in The Parks Pilot Project.  I would like to send a huge thank you to the Saskatchewan Arts Board and Saskatchewan Lotteries whose funding made this possible.  
For each workshop I will be offering; I needed to create a materials list for review and approval, shop for those items, plan the workshops and prepare advertising blurbs.  I bet I dedicated the better part of last week to just logistics.  I still have the shopping to finish up.  Anyone seen red cellophane out there at the Dollar Stores? If you do, please give me a shout out as I have been given orders to “buy them out” if I find it! (More about that in a future post.) It is at times like this I really miss my old stereo-typical red artist’s van.  I could really pack it stem to stern. 
Aside from art materials for workshops, I will need my own materials for my personal art practice, brochures, framed and unframed artwork for display in the artist’s cabin. This cabin will serve as my studio / gallery space. Of course I also need to pack the usual equipment for camping and all that is needed for a stay away from home. Inevitably something will be forgotten, but I am just a hop skip from Maple Creek.  Some folks would have no problem wading through all this planning. It is a skill that I have, but one that has not come naturally to me. 
So as I prepare to enter the wilderness I am very much looking forward to the actual execution of the thing I am to be doing.  Did I tell you one of the expectations is that I work on my own artwork! Looking forward to that! Although this isn’t exactly the wilderness, there will be time to reflect and reconnect to the things that fuel my creativity and who I am as a being. 
If you are in Cypress Hills, SK between July 3rd – 15th do stop by the artist’s cabin and say hi!