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previously posted 07/05/12

I went to Cypress via Calgary and my newest art journey was off to an artistic bang! When I  first planned to go to Calgary my main intention was to visit my youngest son who had moved there in April of this year.  I was also looking forward to getting some time in with my brother and his family, also of Calgary.

I din’t know that I was in for a real treat my first night there! My son’s girlfriend has been a dancer and instructor for many years and they had plans to go see a dance show the night I was to arrive. I must admit my first desire after a long 7 hour drive was not to go to a dance show, but I was awe inspired by the passion of these dancers.
The ODance Company of Calgary performed their production”Grounds”. This relatively new dance company preformed with such heart felt passion that it brought tears to my eyes.  The show followed the story of 4 high school friends through their young adult lives, the ups and downs of their relationships and how the plans they made for themselves were sometimes side tracked by illness and other tangents of life.  At points in the show I felt I knew what it was like to see music, each dancer moving independently of the others, not in sync but in each contributing to the whole piece.  The theme to love and live life to your full potential with joy and passion was just the encouragement I needed to send me off on my trek as Guest Artist in Residence in Cypress Hills. It brought to mind a dear friend who passed a few years back from cancer and another who is currently in my life and is a constant reminder to me to live life to the fullest each day.
If you are in Calgary I hope you take a moment for some much needed O2 and visit a show.  http://youtu.be/pI6lGtf2JHA