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previously posted on 07/13/12

My posts have been a little slow coming, in part because I am finding being a nomadic artist a little challenging. Usually I work from my home studio where everything has it’s place and has for many years.  I get myself in trouble when I do a major clean and organize. Then I wonder where stuff is.  A day after arriving in Cypress for my Guest Artist in Residency, I set up the Artist Cabin that is to be my studio / gallery for the next few weeks. It took me a full day to unpack and hang the artwork.  There is a desk in one corner where I am writing from.  I also paint and prepare for classes in this corner. This is a one room cabin, much like my grandfather’s homestead. I try to keep organized by having my own personal art materials under one table on one side of the room and all the supplies for classes I am teaching under a table on the other side.

Several wheeled suitcases and duffle bags have been employed to different tasks in an effort to keep me organized. With the numerous workshops on my schedule I am continually loading and reloading materials from my medium sized wheeled red suitcase. It is a wonder I haven’t forgotten anything. Connie Phillips, the lead artist here in Cypress did much to help me prepare for the journey. In our emails back and forth and telephone calls, her requests for class descriptions, schedules, material lists, and budgets helped me to plan my classes. But because I have packed up my whole studio in various bins and suitcases, sometimes it is a bit of a hunting game to lay my hands on that particular necessary art supply.